I am Cortney!


The face & heart behind C. Haugen Photography.

I am just a crazy, [little bit weird], goofy girl, addicted to coffee, tacos, a good bargain & horses. I am the proud mama of 1 gutsy & energetic girl, [ fur-mama of 1 jerk of a cat, 2 rowdy labs, a goldfish, donkey named Earle & big-hearted horse ] and am happily married to my best friend and supporter, Jason.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

I used to be one of those aviator wearin', coffee drinkin', doughnut eatin' cops. 

Spent six years in college receiving an AAS and BS Law Enforcement degree. Received a full-time position as a 911-Dispatcher for Le Sueur County Sheriffs Department, and a part-time position as an officer with Le Center Police Department. 

Fun Fact: I was the first hired female officer for LCPD! 

I became a mama to our baby girl & that's when the world went crazy. People were ambushing and killing cops around the States. After five years of patrol, I retired. I wanted to ensure I was home safe with my family - I loved being an officer, but I loved being a mama MORE. 


I tend to laugh at my own jokes – cause I think I am pretty funny.  I work hard to see the good in everyone & everything.  I love good, old-school country music – none of that country hip-hop bologna.


Disney animated movies make me cry & I enjoy a good romance or thriller novel. It’s a hot-dish NOT a casserole. I enjoy a cold Busch Light - but I'll take a Budweiser too. I treat myself to yoga a few times a week - keeps me sane!

Stocking caps & baseball hats are my go-to with my crazy, red-hair - if it's not in a hat of some sort, it'll be rockin' a braid or top-knot bun! Cowboy boots, Crocs and Flops are my what my feet like most.

I love horseback riding & rodeos. 

County Fairs are simply the best & tractor pulls are a hell-of-a-time!


I’m the girl who will be there to listen when you’re having a hard time or just need a good talkin’ to. If you want someone to go out with for tacos & margaritas – I’m your gal!

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

BORN & RAISED [still living] in NEW PRAGUE, MINNESOTA. I am a kolacky, vomacka loving Czechoslovakian at heart.

YELLOWSTONE is my favorite binge-worthy TV series [I tell my husband to 'Love me like Rip loves Beth!']. If you play some Eric Church, there's a good chance I will sing & dance along. One of these days I will have my own Clydesdale. 


How did I get into photography? Welp - I grabbed a camera & practiced every damn day - learned how to capture & edit images. Through trial & error AND over ALOT of time, additional education and learnt mistakesC. Haugen Photography was established in 2020 & has been a dream come true thanks to all of your love & support!

Let me tell your stories!

New Prague, Minnesota


Tel: 952-454-0820


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