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You may have some questions & I have some answers! Below you will find some frequently asked questions about sessions held with C. Haugen Photography! If you still have any questions or would like to book a session, please do not hesitate to contact me!

Q: Where are you located? Do you have a studio? 

A: C. Haugen Photography is located just east of New Prague, Minnesota - about 5 miles. The majority of sessions are held outdoors in my country neighborhood, where I have received permission from the land owners in my area to use their land [it is expected by land owners, as well as myself, that respect is given by all parties while on these properties].

The land used consists of CRP fields, longer grasses, wooded areas, wetland areas, pine tree farm and more. The sun will always be behind you & your family for an evening sessions - giving us that beautiful, golden glow! 

In-Home Session Notes + Expectations:

I currently do not offer any indoor sessions at my personal residence, however, I am happy to capture your session at your residence - whether it be your home, barn, shed, etc. If a in-home session is held with CHP, it is expected that the area where the session is going to be captured is cleaned up and tidy - free from distractions and clutter, and has natural lighting. This is discussed prior to your in-home session - images of your residence /rooms to be used will be required to be sent to CHP in order to continue the booking process. CHP has the right to refuse service and to capture the session on that date if the area to be used does not meet standard, clean expectations.

Q: Will you travel

A: I will travel up to 1 hour from my residence, however, traveling fees are applied to sessions held 30 miles from my residence. Arrangements for session location must be made upon booking and must be an area that is open to the public or property that is available to you and your family. 


** I do not purchase permits for state or county parks - I have my own land to use. If you want to pay the permit fee for a specific location, that is okay - but ensure you follow all rules and guidelines that park has in regards to photography.**

Q: Can you do sessions weekday mornings? 

A: NO - I do have a full-time job at the moment, and I am not available until after 5pm on weekdays. Weekends must be scheduled based on my availability. Weekends are for my family and for my fun & sanity. 

Q: Do you require a booking deposit? 

A: All sessions require a non-refundable booking deposit upfront - all session deposits are currently $50.00. A deposit not only secures your session date & time, but also covers the initial communication, all planning, & location hunting. Non-refundable means that you forfeit the deposit if you are to cancel or 'no-show' your session with C. Haugen Photography. 

Q: Do you require a consultation?

A: NO. I only require a consultation for BUSINESS BRANDING sessions. The majority of sessions and what they pertain will be discussed through email. If you would like to meet before hand to discuss your session in person, please do not hesitate to ask! I love meeting with my Clients - hear their story and what they want me to capture for them specifically. 

Q: Do you require any forms? 

A: YES - all session(s) require you to provide some personal information and signature of the following forms at the time of booking: This includes all new Clients and past Clients. Every time a session is booked, forms must be signed again - there is no one time and done. 

  1. Terms & Conditions,

  2. COVID-19,

  3. Digital Image Use License,

  4. Model Release

  5. Print Release

  6. Privacy Notice,

  7. Terms of Use and Terms of Product Purchase.

If forms are not signed - there will be no session held. 

If you will be participating in an Unicorn or Equine session, an Equine Liability Waiver will also be signed prior to the start of the session. ** The Equine Liability Waiver is only for sessions held on my property with my horses. **

Q: Do you provide a wardrobe for clients?

A: I do not have a full client wardrobe of my own, but I am slowly building it up! I will provide style recommendations for your session - outfit purchases are at your own cost, unless you chose to wear one of mine. If you prefer to have me pick out your outfits, I can do so for additional fees. 

All sessions held by CHP will have guided styling. There are specific colors and patterns that just don't look quite right when capturing moments outdoors - such as hot pink, neon colors and stripes! In the case of a desired mini session or styled session - yes, these colors will work, which shall be discussed with CHP upon booking. In hiring CHP, you are hiring us for our professional views, opinions and styling to capture and provide you with the very best images to display at your home. 

Q: Can we bring our pet(s) to our session? 

A: Depending on the session you purchase, YES,  you may bring your pet(s). Please ensure that you inform me of the pet(s) you are wishing to include in  your session. Animals both big and small are welcome! I do ask that you have a way to contain or bring a friend to entertain your pet(s) when they are done being a part of your session. 

Q: What happens if we have to reschedule our session?  

A: Life happens - this mama is one to know & understands that! If we have to reschedule your session (i.e. - unfavorable weather, illness, etc.) a new date and time will be scheduled that meets both Client and Photographers' schedule. I do ask that a 24-hour notice is provided for rescheduling of your session. 

If you 'no-show' or 'cancel' your session, you forfeit your booking deposit and may not be scheduled with C. Haugen Photography in the future. When booking a session, I am holding that session for you. When you 'no show', this could have been a spot for a different session. 'No Show' clients will not be tolerated. 

Q: When & how do I receive my images? 

A: The editing process is a talent and art in itself that does take time - I take pride in all of my work - your images are important to me. The last thing I want to do, is rush the editing process of your images and have you be disappointed. I ask for up to three (3) weeks to process and upload your gallery. You will always be updated with any changes or delays. 

Your gallery is delivered electronically by a website called and will be delivered to the email address that is provided upon booking. It is an online gallery - your gallery can be viewed on your cell phone or a desktop/laptop computer. Images must be downloaded onto a desktop/laptop computer due to file size. Download is instant upon checkout. You will receive a zip-file that can be stored onto your desktop/laptop computer. 

Side Notes in regards to Receiving Digital Images:

If you do not have access to a desktop/laptop computer for downloading, a flash-drive can be provided for an additional fee. of $45.00 - this fee includes my time for uploading & shipping or traveling costs to deliver the flash-drive to you. 

I do offer 'rush' fees if you are in need of your images sooner than three (3) weeks:

5-Day Rush Fee = $100.00

24-Hour Rush Fee = $250.00

Q: How many images will I receive? 

A:  Image count varies by the session purchased, and case by case. You are always guaranteed your minimum image count. Additional images may or may not be provided depending on your session (use of time, cooperation, sunlight & weather). 


If  additional images are provided upon receiving your gallery - these additional images are  available for purchase with additional fees - single digital image = $10.00, full gallery = $80.00

Q: Do you provide RAW (un-edited) images?

A: Would you be happy if you received raw pork from your Chef when out dining? Photographers do not provide RAW image files - because safety. Photographers edit and provide their very best work to you. I will never provide RAW images to my clients - so please, do not ask.  

Q: Do you do prints? 

A: No - I do not offer any sort of printing services. A few companies that I highly recommend and go through for my own digital and quality custom prints, include the following: 

I recommend staying away from Walgreens, Walmart or Target for prints. The quality, in my opinion, is very poor. 

Q: How long do you store images? 

A: I try to store files & final gallery-delivered images indefinitely, but I do not guarantee the failure of hard-drives and hardware. Once your gallery is delivered & received, it is up to you to download and store your gallery file on your own PC. I do not store RAW files indefinitely. 


C. Haugen Photography is NOT responsible to ensure you download your gallery. Your gallery is available for download for up to five (5) days after delivery. If you fail to download your gallery within that timeframe, you will have to contact me to re-upload your gallery, which will have an additional fee of $50.00. 

Q: Do you provide gift certificates? 

A: ABSOLUTELY! Please follow the link provided to read more about gift certificates offered by C. Haugen Photography. 

Still have questions? Contact me directly @

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